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From The Blood of Angel

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I try making things betteer for all
instead destroying number one
i understand everything and everyone
excpect those i love
i make
blue oceans under gray skies boil with my touch
cant swim for fear of drowning
cant drown.....wont die that easy
i cry
bust show no remorse
i try
invinting myself into your mind
wishing only to stay the night
i die
again and again
i wish to die one last time
im about disappointments mostly
hopes and dreams shattered lifetimes ago
i've experienced everything..at least once
seeing everything
knowing to much for my own safety
simply feeling nothing
i laugh when i hurt and smile when there is pain
for fear someone will see my iternal torment
i am about dark dark weddings
white funerals
dreams, strength and anger....
nuclear showers and lacy underpants
roses with one petal and that last ounce of powder
that didnt ignite during the explosion
i am about
five-feet tall and very very shy
setting goals out of reach
catching spiders by their tales
kissing everyone one last kiss goodnight
it is the simple things in life
i've never had........

only wished for

I am Angel