Crimson Kiss

A crimson kiss
Mist of Amber in the air
A world between dark and light
where love battles on the edge of madness
What is real and what is imaginary
Illusions and fantasies created
hard to focus, only a faint remembrance of a rhythm
My whole life was a masquerade,
this spirit is old
Longing to be free,
to be released from the rusted chains that bind me
The dark collides with the sun
Oceans crashing above me
With waves of emotion
I now feel sperated from the night
So long ago i was the night
My heart was used as a sacerfice for my happiness
No salvationin sight,
i felt my heart die
My soul chained and
my memories fade
An eternity of new beginnings
yet i am STILL dead
Just like when you first found me
No changes to the mortal eye
Only a few links taken out of the chain that traps this spirit
Clenching tighter and tighter
Sucking the mere breathe from my veins
Only to be returned with venom of your blood and promises
I realize now
My soul is dammed by you


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